Ben F Kocian

Artist, Collector, Conservationist

August 28, 1938- June 12, 2012


When Coastal Conservation Association, CCA, (originally Gulf Coast Conservation) was formed in 1977, it was a perfect fit for Ben’s illustration and design skills — and for his love of fishing. Early in its beginning, Kocian signed on as art director, to design and produce TIDE magazine, as well as the organization’s logos and the ever-popular fish bumper stickers. Kocian and fellow fishing buddy and artist Sam Caldwell were among the first 100 to become members of GCCA, and over the years they have donated untold numbers of paintings, prints and illustrations for banquets and fund-raisers, in support of conservation and the Coastal Conservation Association.

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Ben F. Kocian arrived on the Houston art scene in the early 60s where he worked with the top ad agencies and studios, lending his drawing skills and unique style of humorous illustration to major corporate clients. Over the years, he created graphics and logo designs for GCCA/ CCA, Port-O’Connor Chamber of Commerce, both Goode Company Seafood and Barbecue, Poco Bueno Fishing Tournament, as well as countless others. At the time of his death, he was working on a commissioned painting representing the Shiner Brewery for Andrews Distribution in Allen, Texas.

Ben’s fine art reflects his love of the outdoors — especially saltwater fishing. In the old days after a hard day of work, Ben and a few artist buddies would drop their pencils and paint brushes, and they would head to the coast for some serious fishing — often returning to work the very next day, still in their salt-encrusted fishing clothes.

Ben Kocian is also known on the Texas scene, and nationally, as a well-respected and knowledgeable collector of antique fishing lures. For 10 years, he hosted the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club (NFLCC) Houston shows. And, some of his collections and antiques can be seen on display at Carolyn Thompson’s Antique Center of Texas.

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Ben will be deeply missed. An unimaginable amount of knowledge and expertise was lost forever when he left this world. Please continue checking this website for artwork, fishing lures, antiques, and collectibles. There is so much more, and we will do our best to allow his legacy to live on.

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